Here's what others are saying
about the book:

"I have read over a hundred books related to the Christian faith and God's purpose plan and will for my life. This book is biblical, spiritual, healthy focused, and a guide on how to grow, love, and reach the world. I am giving it an Amen!"

"I had the pleasure of meeting Stephen the Fall of 2014 after losing my son Philip as a passenger in a single vehicle accident. Stepen 'walks the walk' on a daily basis by giving of himself; his loving heart, passions, kindness and goodness to everyone he meets. Stephen lives the 7 intentional and simple habits each and every day through his daily interactions with family, employees, friends and the charities he supports. Join Stephen on the journey of a more loving, giving, serving and fulfilling life by living with intent."

Mike Lutzenkirchen
Executive Director
Lutzie 43 Foundation

"Personal. Energizing. Life-Changing. I love Stephen's approach to this challenge that we all have - How do why find enough margin to experience significant fulfillment in life and work? Stephen pulls back the curtain on his story of success and shows you how and why it all fell apart. He explains how he made it through this chaotic time and how his live and worked changed forever. His simple, yet powerful step-by-step process will be life-changing for you!"

Michael Nichols
The Guidestone Group

"I have known Stephen for a long time, and I have seen this transformation, first hand. I highly recommend this for anyone who truly desires to grow/transform their life and make a difference. "

Hank Apel, VP
Apel Steel

"I have watched Stephen mature and grow into the quality person that I now admire and respect."

Roger Humphrey

"I have known Stephen for many years and I can tell you, he is a changed man. I knew some of the reason for this transformation, but this simple step by step daily process explains so much! If you want to start living your life intentionally and not just "existing" each day, this book is for you. I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to transform their life and make a difference. If you are ready to experience change for the better, this book is a must read!"

Natalie Drake
Business Owner, Long Term Care Pharmacy/ Marketing Consultant

"Stephen is so gifted in teaching and sharing his experiences for the benefit of others. This book clearly identified some great, but simple disciplines that can be incorporated in my life. In our lives, results matter. Creating good habits make a huge difference in our attitudes and actions. I can't wait to share my results in a few months after I've diligently implemented these suggested changes into my daily routine."

Dean Speers
Owner, Iron Tribe Fitness Southlake TX

"Stephen Skinner uses his time and talent to serve others. His book will teach you how to make a lasting impact through your legacy. Stephen will help you to chart a path by drawing on his own experiences that have transformed him into a different person. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to make a difference and transform their life. If you want to be a catalyst for change in your personal life, business and community, then read this book!"

James Justice
President and Founder: Alliance of Marketplace Leaders

"I know Stephen and I can tell you, he now lives an intentional life. I am so glad he has shared his simple step by step daily process so others can experience the same transformation! I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to maximize their impact in their family, business, or community!"

Chris J. Patton